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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Respite Senior Care in Hollywood

The film Iris follows the inner world of famous author and philosopher Iris Murdoch as she visibly deteriorates from Alzheimer's Disease. The film is as much about Murdoch as it is about her senior partner and decades long caretaker John Bailey. In many ways, this is a film about caregiver stress at work in Bailey due to the ups and downs of Dementia.

A-1 Home Care provides Hollywood Respite Senior Caregivers for those providing home care for their spouses, friends or family. Respite care is necessary because it gives you a break while rejuvinating your body and mind so you're ready for another round of care. We want to be there for our aging parents because we feel a need to caretake in a loving and supportive way. But harming yourself in the process of providing senior care is not the answer. You should see a doctor asap if you are experiencing

Inability to concentrate
Sadness and crying
Tension headaches
Chronic fatigue
Meight changes
Acting on impulse
Withdrawing from relationships
Changing jobs often

A-1 Home Care finds caregiving solutions for our clients in Hollywood. We offer a range of flexible care options from live in care to more casual Companion caregiver arrangements. Call us immediately if you are seeking an experienced Senior Caregiver to provide empathetic respite home care in  Hollywood, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Los Angeles and Burbank.

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