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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Activities for seniors with Alzheimer/ A-1 Home Care in Hollywood

Many people say that music is the most immediate form of expression.

For those with Alzheimer, music can be a godsend. Those who don't have readily available access to their memories, Music highlights many significant moments in life. During birthday celebrations people sing around candlelit cake, they hug as they watch couples sway to their “first dance” and during the holidays a familiar carol can all but melt our hearts. These are simple snapshots of how music can draw out reminders for seniors, of days gone by.
Here are a few ways one can engage a loved one or friend through music:
  • Sing favorite songs together
  • Listen to music that means something to a loved one
  • Attend a community concert
  • Play the piano together
  • Watch a concert on video
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